Tutorial: Monitor Seismic Silences in your City!

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the COVID-19 pandemic is not “necessarily the big one”. There may be deadlier pandemics in the future. It means that lockdowns may policymakers, hospitals, and frontline workers need to stay prepared.

I have created an online tutorial so that users everywhere can monitor the effectiveness of lockdowns in their cities using data from nearby seismic stations. In some countries the seismic data may be under restricted access. The tutorial takes an hour to complete and is run using Jupyter Notebooks. Downloading the data from seismic stations may take a few hours depending on the internet speed and the period for which analysis is to be done.

The tutorial covers 4 aspects of seismic data analysis for monitoring of lockdowns:

  1. Searching seismic stations and reading raw waveform data
  2. Calculating Probabilistic Power Spectral Densities (PPSDs) to extract intensities of seismic vibrations over different frequencies
  3. Extracting anthropogenic noises in 4 Hz and 20 Hz 
  4. Doing data aggregation, assessing trends, and comparing seismic vibrations over different periods

Link to online tutorial: https://github.com/Artash-N/Monitor-My-Lockdown-Using-Seismic-Vibrations

View the Web App: http://www.MonitorMyLockdown.com